Project Management

Our project management services are designed to deliver projects that realize the client’s corporate goals and objectives. We task ourselves to finding the right solutions, employing the right expertise and ensuring approvals are secured in a timely fashion. Desired outcomes include delivering projects on time and budget while maintaining the expected quality standards.

This is achieved by building relationships and earning the respect of the project stakeholders and each member of our results oriented team. By paying attention to detail and stressing clear communication, La Pax’s project management keeps every member of the project team aligned with the client’s priorities. Our personnel are focused, providing the optimal return on the funds invested for the planned purpose.

Additional services under our project management enterprise include:

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Project Planning is integral to managing successful projects. At La Pax, we imbibe the expertise to work in collaboration with the client and key stakeholders to plan every facet of the project from inception to completion. Our experienced Project management service converges project teams to clearly define the objectives and scope of our projects producing a detailed plan for execution, monitoring, and control through all delivery stages.

We provide custom tailored planning documents to our clients which typically include the Project Charter, Project Plan, schedule with the addition various reporting tools dependent on the project and client needs.


We at La Pax are specialists in managing contracts to the benefit of our clients and generally to all stakeholders. Our contracts span in various industries; from Small/Medium-scale startups to companies in the manufacturing, construction, hospitality and public services sector.

We manage and interpret contracts is propagated by our vision of shared success between all project stakeholders. We believe contracts should be fair and equitable between all parties but still holding parties to account to deliver on what has been agreed upon.


Whether full project management is required or not, we can manage specific aspects of a project and provide customized reporting to meet our clients’ needs. Project Controls include scope management, schedule management, budget/cost management, stakeholder management, as well as quality and change management.


Sometimes, projects are caught up in a mid-stream. During project recovery, there are many tools we utilize and provide in order to capture the current status of the project, risks, and opportunities. This allows us at La Pax to analyze the current state, and recommend an appropriate course of action based on the client and stakeholder needs and expectations. This often requires a GAP analysis, Project Performa, and Risk Management as the building blocks of information required in order to build a proper recovery plan. Once the gaps, financial drivers, and risks have been properly identified, we can begin to build a solid foundation of reporting and documentation to bring the project back into course and progress till successful completion.